Getting Started

A big thank you for your purchase from the DjangoMango team!

A big thank you for your purchase. We are thrilled to have you become part of our family. However, our job isn't over yet. It's time for us to work on making sure that you can get the best out of Django and our products. So, towards that, we have pulled together this guide to help you get up and running. But we also appreciate there is a lot of information here which wont be relevant to everyone. So please, take the time to read through this page. And then use your discretion to read through only the instructions you need.

Accessing your Member Portal

You will need to access your Member Portal in order to download purchased products. If you were signed into your account prior to the checkout process, the purchase will be assigned to that same account. However, if you were not signed in prior to the checkout process, the purchase will be assigned to a new account created based on your payment details. If that is the case, you should look out for a password reset request sent to the email address you provided during checkout. This email will guide you towards setting your initial account password.

Once you have access to your Member Portal, you will want to first confirm and update your information via the 'User Profile' and 'Account Details' view. The 'User Profile' view will allow you to update your name, birth date and country of location:

The 'Account Details' view will allow you to update your username, email and newsletter subscription:

Note that requests for deletion of your account can also be made via your Member Portal. We will permanently delete all user profile and account details marked for deletion on our next purge cycle. You will be unable to access or request new download links for purchased products after your account has been purged, so we ask that you keep this in mind.

Downloading your Product

All DjangoMango products come with one year of free updates. You can download the latest version of your product via your Member Portal anytime over this period. However, after the one year period has expired, you will be unable to download the product and will need to make a new purchase in order to renew your download link.

Your products, licence keys and any available download links can be found via the 'Your Products' view:

Invoices and Requesting a Refund

We provide invoices for all DjangoMango purchases. Invoices will include your user profile details as well as information related to the products and amounts paid under that transaction. Note that you will also find your transaction ID via the corresponding invoice.

Refund requests can also be made via your portal. Our refund policy is outlined in our Terms and Conditions. Please provide a message outlining your request for refund, including which product you are having issues with as well as some specifics on the issue you are having. We will promptly assess all requests and make contact with you using the current email address associated with your account.

Your invoices and refund requests can be made via the 'Your Invoices' view:

Support and Help

All DjangoMango account holders have access to post via our forum. You can also use the forum to make any feature or product improvement requests, and as your first stop for support and help associated with your product. If you issue is not addressed via the forum however, we ask that you reach out to us directly using the contact form on the DjangoMango website. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Next Steps

We have prepared guides to help you Create your Development Environment, Create your Production Environment and to Get Started with your Product. Not all steps may to be relevant to you, and likewise, we have noted some steps as being completely optional. But do feel free to make use of what you need. Alternatively, more experienced Django users may want to simply jump to Get Started with your Product, or even simply to the specific guide for their product.