Running your Project

You've got your production environment ready and made the basic configuration changes. Now it's time to give your application a test run.

After performing your Basic Configuration, it's time to run your project. Towards that, we provide multiple Docker configurations to make it easy to get up and running. These configurations include everything you need to replicate the same environments your product was developed and tested on.

Docker Configurations

We include three Docker configurations with each of our products. One for development, and two for production. For the production configurations, you have the option of using a configuration which leverages a secure SSL setup, and one which does not. The commands to run each configuration are shown below.

Development Configuration:

docker-compose -f --env-file dev.env up

Production Configuration (without SSL):

docker-compose -f --env-file prod.env up

Production Configuration (with SSL):

docker-compose -f --env-file prod.env up

The two production configurations will create and leverage a NGINX configuration to serve your static content. The SSL configuration will also leverage a service called Let's Encrypt to issue you a secure certificate so you can offer a secure (https) address. A word of warning however, there is a max limit on the amount of certificates you can be issued. So be cautious in deleting and rebuilding your docker configuration too often!

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