Get Started with your Product

So you have your environment set up and ready-to-go? It's now time to familiarize yourself with your project files and make some basic configuration changes so you are ready for deployment.
All of DjangoMango's products come with product specific guides. But we recommend you read through this section first to understand the basics. We will walk you through our typical project structure, including how we prefer to set up our Django applications. Explain some of the basic configuration changes you will need to make for deployment. And walk through how to run your application using Docker.

Project Structure

Our Django applications follow a particular project structure. It's worked well for us, and hopefully it does for you too!

Basic Configuration

Configurations are going to depend on the product you purchased. But you can use this section to get started with the basics.

Running your Project

You've got your production environment ready and made the basic configuration changes. Now it's time to give your application a test run.